.22 Caliber Pellet

Hang up the rattling horns, but don’t hang up your season. Extend it with the Airow Gun .22 cal pellet attachment. It converts your bow to the most unique pellet thrusting machine in the woods. Perfect for year-round plinking to help fine tune your shooting skills and curb the long term effects of cabin fever.


Airow Gun Kit

Everything you need to transform your existing bow into a paintball splattering or pellet throwing weapon of epic proportions.


Conversion Kit

Not ready to head indoors? Take the excitement from the paintball range to the woods as you switch from paintball to pellets with just two quick turns.


Air Chamber Shield

Protect your Airow Gun and go ballistic with this militarized looking option that bolts on easily for a little extra body armor.


Scope Mount

Ready to experience the thrill of a long distance shot? Check out our Weaver Rail Scope Mount which is ideal for attaching after-market laser scopes.


Combo Kit

The Airow Gun is sold in a combo package with the acclaimed Edge compound bow by Diamond Archery. Available in standard black or optional camouflage finish. For archers who just want to add an extra kick to their existing bow, the Airow Gun is available as an add-on accessory that is designed to fit most compound and recurve bows.


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